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Crown Ultra Boost Engine Oil 1000ml Formulated In Europe for Motorcycles

Crown Ultra Boost Engine Oil 1000ml Formulated In Europe for Motorcycles

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High Temperature Protection

The engine oil is designed to help control the temperature of the motorcycle's engine, especially in the challenging weather conditions of Pakistan. It claims to provide up to 25% lower temperature levels, which could contribute to better engine performance and longevity.

Horsepower & Torque

The engine oil is said to enhance the engine's performance by providing extra power when needed. It aims to strike a balance between power and performance while also improving mileage. The description highlights that this enhanced performance is why the product is referred to as "Ultra Boost."

Fuel Injection & Economy

The engine oil is claimed to improve fuel economy and efficiency, making it suitable for both city and long rides. The technology used in the oil is said to provide up to 5 kilometers per liter (Kmpl) more fuel economy compared to mineral oil.

Cleansing of Engine Pistons

The product emphasizes the importance of a clean engine for its longevity. The engine oil is said to have superior cleansing properties that help remove pollutants and contaminants from the engine. This cleansing action is claimed to be 33% more effective than local brands available in Pakistan, resulting in a cleaner engine with reduced noise and vibration.

Fights against severe AQI Indices

The engine oil is positioned as a solution to combat the effects of poor air quality index (AQI) levels in major cities of Pakistan. It claims to protect the engine from pollutants and keep it 30% purer than regular oils available in the market. This protection could potentially contribute to a longer engine life and better overall performance.

Overall, the product description focuses on the various advantages of using Crown Ultra Boost Engine Oil, including temperature control, performance enhancement, fuel efficiency, engine cleanliness, and protection against pollutants. It aims to position the product as a high-quality option for motorcycle engines, particularly in the specific environmental conditions of Pakistan

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