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Crown Challenger Puncture Resistant Rear Tyre – (YBR rear/GS150) 90/90-18 6 Ply

90/90-18 6 PLY

  • Ideal for Normal Terrain
  • Equipped with Puncture Resistant Tube
  • 6 Months Official Warranty
  • Do not over-inflate air pressure beyond 30 PSI
  • Manufactured with Indonesian Rubber
  • Anti-Slip Technology


Out of stock

An angular design tread pattern tyre suitable for higher displacement motorcycles which allows strong grip.

Benefits of Crown Challenger Puncture Resistant Rear Tyre (YBR rear/GS150):

  • Reliable Choice: a tyre you can trust above all for YBR rear/GS150 motorcycles. Ideal for daily commute on every road surface.
  • Agility: rugged compound used for the purpose of an elastic feel to absorb shock and uneven surfaces.
  • Wet Grip Resistance: ideal for standard grip and control keeping sharp turnings in focus.
  • Puncture Resistant Compound: equipped with a newly engineered compound which resists punctures and restores tyre on-the-go.
  • Mileage: Crown Challenger Puncture Resistant Rear Tyre (YBR rear/GS150) tread grip depth allows better mileage thanks to sleek grooves which enables the tyre to fetch adequate amount of road surface area.
  • Tread Pattern: designs learning from years of research and customer feedback so as to gather enough data for the best product.
  • Precautions: do not over-inflate air pressure your Crown Challenger Puncture Resistant Rear Tyre (YBR rear/GS150) beyond 30 PSI. Air pressure above 30 PSI may result in tyre burst or serious rupture which may not be valid for claim.

    General Advice:

  • Tyres are the only component of a motorcycle which is in contact with the road.
  • Safety in acceleration, braking, steering, all depends on a relative surface area of road contact. It is therefore very Important that tyres should be maintained in good condition at all times.
  • Choosing the right diagonal (Cross Ply) tyre is highly recommended that tyres be fitted in matched pairs (Front and Rear) ideally by same company, for instance CROWN tyres, for optimum performance.
  • The correct tyre inflation pressure is vitally Important for safe handling of your motorcycle. Prolonged under-Inflation causes excessive flexing, deterioration of the casing and rapid wear of the tread shoulders/edges. Your Motorcycle may also consume MORE FUEL.
  • Over-Inflation may result in an uncomfortable ride, reduced area of contact with the road and an accelerated wear on the tread center.
  • Inflation pressure should be checked once a week when the tyre is cold.

Checkout further details on Crown Tyres Limited website.

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