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Ultra Boost Engine Oil 700ml – Formulated In Europe

• Keeps your engine cool & defines performance.
• Provides extra mileage & a smooth ride.
• Increases your engine life by keeping it safe from wear and tear and climatic impact
• Suitable for Motorcycles, Generators and CNG Rickshaw engines


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Product Description

  1. High Temperature Protection:
    Keeping your engine in temperature-controlled weather can be a tough ask in Pakistan but with Crown Ultra Boost Engine Oil, your motorcycle’s engine is kept at controlled temperatures with up to 25% lower levels.
  2. Horsepower & Torque:
    At times when you need that extra power from your engine, Crown Ultra Boost Engine Oil triggers the performance in a way which maintains a balance of power and performance while keeping enhanced mileage. There’s a reason why we call it Ultra Boost.
  3. Fuel Injection & Economy:
    Be it in city or long routes, what matters most to everyone is the mileage and economy in everyday ride. We recommend that on everyday course, our technology will give your engine economy to 5Kmpl over a mineral oil.
  4. Cleansing of Engine Pistons:
    The cleaner the better. Engine life is directly proportional to how clean your engine is and that is where Ultra Boost thrusts out pollutants by 33% more than local brands available in Pakistan. Cleaner engine is defined by lesser noise and vibration. Furthermore, the viscosity of engine oil also determines the performance of the lubricant on the engine altogether.
  5. Fights against sever AQI Indices:
    AQI Indices in major cities of Pakistan has taken a serious toll over the past few years which is heavily interacting with engines as well as humans. Ultra-Boost engine oil prevents from engine pollutants and keeps it 30% more purer than regular oils available in market.
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