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FAQ about website

How can I get to know that my order is accepted ?

We will send you regular updates about the status of your order via emails.

How do I find a product?

Click the search icon (magnifying glass) and type the name of the product you’re looking for in the search bar. You can search for products by name or feature.

If I need to ask questions about a product to a customer service representative?

You can contact our customer service representative on 021-111-000-348 or message us on the website chat client, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp message link all from the website.

Why cannot I place an order?

If you have a problem placing an order, please check the error message received. Below are some possible reminders and solutions for your reference:
1. The products in your shopping cart is/are not available for order.
2. This order is failed due to internet connection problems.
3. This product is sold out or the seller discontinued selling this product.
4. Please update your address in order to be able to place an order.

How quickly can I get my order?

We do our best to get your orders delivered by the date listed on the product page.

Are all products on Crown E-shop original and genuine?

Yes, we are committed to offering our customers only 100% genuine and original products.

How do I manage my shopping cart?

You can use the Shopping Cart to save products and buy several products at once.

What is the payment method for your company?

Crown E-shop gives you COD (Cash on Delivery) and Pay via Debit and Credit Card service.

Is your service all over Pakistan?

Currently, Our services are available on nationwide except Balochistan. Stay tuned to our website and Facebook pages for updates. We are providing our services all over Karachi.

Are there any hidden costs or charges if I order from Crown E-shop?

There are no hidden charges when you order from Crown E-shop. All cost are 100% visible on the checkout page.

Are the prices on Crown E-shop negotiable?

Prices on Crown E-shop are not negotiable, our E-shop offers the best prices.

Where can I find more detailed information about a product?

The detailed information can be found under the “Description” tab. Just click the description if needed.

How long will the delivery take ?

  • It will take 4/5 days for delivery; however, it may take more in busy periods. We will try our best to deliver as early as possible.

Where is my order ?

  • You can check the status of your order through your account on our website.

Why is the product sold out?

  • It is temporarily out of stock and we are working to bring it back very soon, select show your interest option on the website and we will update you once it available for purchase.

What is the claim procedure in terms of returns/defective item/wrong order ?

  • Please fill in the claim form on the website and we will get back to you as quick as possible. A call will be generated to the customer for order verification for further process.

I have a problem in my order ?

  • Please fill in the claim form on our website, you will be prompted for reference pictures through one of our chat mediums. Your records will then be processed for verification and upon successful matching of your provided details, your claim will be processed based on the nature of the problem of your complaint. In case of replacement or store credits, necessary actions will take place based on our discretion protocols.

What is the recommended terrain compatibility of Puncture Free Tyres/Tubes ?

  • The product is ideally produced for metropolitan cities and areas where proper roads exists. However, rocky roads and rough terrain may cause degradation of the tyre at the same rate as a normal tyre resists in such extreme conditions (not compared with trail tracks tyres).

FAQ about products

What is the Puncture Free Tyre ?

  • Advance technology that we have developed using experts in China. We are the first company to launch it in Pakistan and have the utility patent.

How does the Puncture Free Tyre work ?

  • It’s a technically developed rubber-based liquid that is injected into the tyre. It absorbs the hole using small rubber particles and other supplementing chemicals.

How many punctures can it withstand ?

  • By theory it is proven that it can withstand a handsome number of punctures but to quantify the results, a sore puncture cannot be controlled by the solution present in the tube. However, it all depends on the angle of the puncture and the intensity of the incision.
  • There is no guarantee of the number as things get affected with the mileage and the conditions of the roads. It is designed to fill punctures of up to 3mm in diameter, anything wider will not be guaranteed. The Puncture Free Tyre can easily tolerate nail punctures, however there is no guarantee of punctures which are thicker than 3mm caused by glass or any other sharp material. We advise you to drive safe and look out for messy roads which may have such incision prone materials laying on the surface.

What is the difference between Puncture Free Tyres & Market Tubeless Tyres ?

  • Puncture Free Tyres work with a more efficient, effective and cheaper technology based on the liquid and yet it’s a lot cheaper than a tubeless tyre.
  • In terms of economy, Crown Puncture Free Tyres are cheaper up to a margin of PKR 2000 as compared to regular tubeless tyre.

Can Puncture Free Tubes be used with other brand tyres ?

  • Practically yes, but by theory we recommend using Crown Puncture Free Tyres only for the Puncture Free Tubes because the compound used to produce the tyre is actually engineered alongside the effective compatibility of the puncture free compound used in the tube.
  • It is advised to all that always use Crown puncture free tyres rather than any other brand tyres in order to make puncture free tubes work effectively.

Do I have to purchase Crown Puncture Free Tyre as well if I only wish to purchase the puncture free tube ?

  • We recommend you to purchase Crown Puncture Free Tyre which comes with the Puncture Free Tube always which gives you a utility for much longer period.

Do I need to purchase puncture free tube with the Puncture Free Tyre ?

  • No, Puncture Free Tyre comes with the Puncture Free Tubes pre-installed, you can purchase it as a backup but not a requirement.

How much money will it save me in a year ?

  • It will easily save expenses such as punctures, extra fuel to visit the shop, damage caused rim while dragging the punctured tyre to the puncture shop, service fee for puncture repair person and many other miscellaneous expenses. These can easily amount to almost PKR 3000-6000 per year.
  • More importantly it will save you hours of your important time (you can’t put a price on time).

Will the solution used in the tube cause the tyre to burst in situations where outer temperature is higher? (summer season Sindh/Punjab areas)

  • We recommend that you maintain an air pressure of not more than 30 PSI. This is said in order to give room for air to expand due to heat cause by tyre movement. Moreover, temperatures do get high in summer season so we advise to park your motorcycle in shaded areas to keep your tyres cool at start. The temperature starts catching up after 10 km.

Is the Puncture Free mechanism on-the-go ?

  • On-the-go simply means that you don’t have to waste your valuable time at a puncture shop, however, you may check your tyre conditions frequently depending on the road condition for any punctures. Once a puncture is identified, gently remove the nail/causer and rotate the tyre swiftly while the tyre is mounted on double stand. This action is necessary to make sure the solution repairs the incision when it gets contact with air molecules.
  • Note: If you expect this to happen while riding your motorcycle, you’re in a misconception.

Is the Puncture Free Solution available for sale exclusively ?

  • At the moment the company hasn’t planned to sell the solution separately in the market. This will be discussed in latter phase of this product.

Is the Puncture Free Guarantee limited to 6 months only ?

  • By theory, the Puncture Free Compound can last for years depending on the outside temperature and the number of incisions caused during the usage.
  • However, in practice the company vows for 6 months guarantee for any claim which may be caused within this time period

What is the recommended terrain compatibility of Puncture Free Tyres/Tubes ?

  • The product is ideally produced for metropolitan cities and areas where proper roads exists. However, rocky roads and rough terrain may cause degradation of the tyre at the same rate as a normal tyre resists in such extreme conditions (not compared with trail tracks tyres).