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Crown Company's Innovative Activity with Foodpanda

Crown Company's Innovative Activity with Foodpanda

Imagine the busy streets of Karachi, where Foodpanda riders brave the urban jungle to bring you your favorite bites. Add a sprinkle of innovation – Crown puncture-free solution. This activity isn't just about sealing the deal but sealing those pesky tire punctures!


In a groundbreaking activity, Crown Company joined hands with Foodpanda to address a common challenge faced by riders in Karachi – punctured tires. The strategic partnership aimed to enhance the efficiency of Foodpanda riders and ensure timely deliveries by introducing a revolutionary puncture-free solution. The activity unfolded through a special activity near Lucky One Mall in Karachi, where Foodpanda riders gathered to experience the benefits of Crown's innovative solution.

Addressing a Persistent Challenge

Karachi, being a bustling metropolis, posed a unique challenge for Foodpanda riders who often struggled with punctured tires, leading to delays in their delivery schedules. Crown Company recognized this issue and decided to find a solution that would alleviate the daily hardships faced by riders due to frequent punctures.

The Collaborative Activity

A special event was organized near Lucky One Mall to showcase the effectiveness of the puncture-free solution. Foodpanda riders assembled at the location, where Crown technicians demonstrated the application of the innovative solution on their motorcycles. The focus of the activity was to highlight how Crown's puncture-free solution could make a significant difference in the riders' daily experiences.


The Puncture-Free Solution

Crown's puncture-free solution is a game-changer for riders in Karachi. The easy-to-use product ensures a hassle-free experience for riders who can now concentrate on delivering orders promptly without the worry of punctured tires.


The application process is simple: remove all air from the tires, insert the puncture-free solution using the nozzle provided, rotate the tire three times, and then reinflate. It's a quick and effective process that guarantees riders six months of worry-free riding.

Usage Guidelines



It's important to note that the solution comes in two variants – a 250 ml bottle designed for motorcycles and a 450 ml bottle for cars. Each bottle is intended for a single tire, ensuring the correct dosage for optimal results. Riders are advised to follow the instructions carefully to reap the full benefits of Crown's puncture-free solution.

Crown Company's activity with Foodpanda in Karachi signifies a commitment to addressing the real-world challenges faced by riders. The introduction of the puncture-free solution not only showcases innovation but also reflects a shared dedication to enhancing the efficiency and experience of those on the front lines of food delivery and Karachi bike riders. With this strategic activity, Crown and Foodpanda have taken a significant step toward creating a more seamless and reliable delivery and eco-transportation all over Pakistan.

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